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Blog | 03.19.20

Five Ways that NIGP Consulting Can Reduce the Procurement Burden on Government Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nearly every public sector agency is experiencing increased procurement demand to support COVID-19 response efforts. However, we understand that many are reporting bandwidth reductions and strained capabilities to fulfill routine operational procurement requirements due to the activation of Emergency Operations Centers, localized shelter-in-place orders and even illnesses.

If your agency needs assistance with procurement projects or staff bandwidth/augmentation, please know that the NIGP Consulting team stands ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

Our experienced government procurement professionals can work with your team in any capacity – from the level of a Chief Procurement Officer to a Buyer or Pcard Administrator – to help you quickly and efficiently execute specific targeted procurements or other procurement responsibilities (construction contracts, IT purchases, health services). We can also assist with emergency-related process re-engineering and implementation, procurement document preparation and staff training and management as needed.

Even better, we can do all of this virtually!

NIGP consultants are accustomed to working remotely with agency procurement teams given the scope of our traditional service offerings to geographically-distributed state and local governments across North America. In fact, it is very common for our team to integrate with agencies in a “telework” capacity to implement new processes or conduct procurements, and we often kick off our work with virtual discovery workshops.

No matter the physical distance between us, our goal is to ensure continuity and efficiency in your public sector agency’s operations, especially in times of crisis when your mission becomes even more critical.

For immediate assistance, please contact Marcheta Gillespie, NIGP Consulting Program Manager at 520-940-7194 or