How to Break into Government Contracting

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How To Break Into Govt Contracting Wide

A question that comes up often when visiting trade shows and hosting webinars is “how do I break into the business of government contracts?” This is a great question and when we considered the answer we decided to take it to Jean Clark. Jean Clark is Periscope Holding’s VP of Strategic Services and President of NIGP Code, and former Procurement Administrator at the State of Arizona. She has worked on both sides of the coin and she had some unique insights into this question.  

Wondering about the best approach to sell to government agencies?  It’s easy – start small and prove yourself.  Too many times suppliers are interested in the “big” government contracts, with large potential revenue.  The trouble starting with big contracts or projects is there’s the potential for more things to go wrong – late deliveries, resource implications, or poor products. Starting off on a negative note can be harmful to your business with future government contracts and ruin the potential for additional opportunities.  

 Having a good track record with strong customer service and quality product/service delivery will go a long way when some type of problem arises under a larger contract.  To get started with contract work in the government market, begin by meeting with procurement officials and let them know you’re willing and ready to assist with any size project/opportunity.  When the door opens – then deliver, be polite, and earn a reference.  This will start building your reputation and open the door for more opportunities with the originating entity and other government entities. Following these simple steps can help you avoid first time pitfalls, and set you up for government contract success in the future. Start small and over deliver and you will see more opportunities as your reputation as a solid supplier grows.

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