Selecting Agencies to Do Business With

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Selecting Agencies To Business With Wide

As a supplier who uses Links or Links Plus, it is easy to feel like you are paddling against an ocean current when reviewing all the agencies you can do business with. After all, with a BidSync Links Plus subscription you have the potential to see over a million bids in our system.

When selecting the bids, you want to respond to you have to work with agencies that you’re comfortable working with. You selecting the agencies you chose to do business with is just as important as the supplier an agency chooses to do business with.  That being said here are few questions you should ask when selecting agencies, you have not worked with in the past.

  1. Does the agency have clearly defined goals and a specific value proposition? If the agency has a set of clear goals that you, the vendor, can recognize, then it will help you feel more comfortable in putting forth bids.
  2. How does the agency react to adversity and difficult situations? A good agency knows how to handle the procurement process. What kind of backlog are they working with? This information can usually be ascertained during a meeting. We encourage you to schedule a meeting with both the procurement agent and the department that will be using your services. This is a great way to build a relationship and understand each other’s challenges.
  3. How does the agency evaluate incoming bids? Past solicitations are public record and should contain information on their evaluation criteria, do you research.
  4. Does the agency care about the vendor relation as well as the transaction? The supplier/buyer relationship is a two-way street. Developing this relationship involves collaboration and communication that doesn’t stop once a contract has been signed. Both parties should work together to find ways to add value on both sides of the relationship.
  5. Does the agency have a solid and fair contract management process? Neither party benefits from agencies who sign the contract and then forget the vendor until it’s time to renew. If you have built a strong relationship and track record with an agency, renewals become easier.

It’s important to take your time when selecting agencies, you want to do business with. If you can answer these questions you should experience smooth sailing on your agency selections and encounters.  By holding the agency to the same standards the procurement profession holds itself to, you will be able to intelligently make bid and no-bid decisions.

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