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As a government contractor, or a potential government contractor you should know that bids and RFP’s are a good source for upcoming opportunities at winning government contracts. While these are easy to find with your daily bid notifications through BidSync Links and Links Plus provided your account is set up properly, you can often face short response time windows and high levels of competition.

Vendors that see the most success in winning government contracts use additional resources that are tailored to help them cut through the noise and see tangible data that can be applied to their research. Spend Analytics, for example, is a great tool offered by BidSync that aggregates local, state and federal government spending data from thousands of U.S. municipalities, agencies and institutions across the country. This tool is designed to help vendors make better procurement decisions.

When you combine the power of Links and Links Plus with Spend Analytics you can:

  • See who buys what you sell or uses services you provide: Find agencies across the US

  • Find hidden sales opportunities: Reach 80% of government spending you’ve never seen

  • Track competition: Find out whom your competitors sell to and at what price

  • See past history: Get details of every past government purchase, including line items prices and quantities.

Spend Analytics is a great tool that will help you write better RFP responses, arming you with more info than the competition. You will never bid in the dark again when you have access to buying histories and spending patterns for over 85,000 US government agencies.  Win government contracts and grow your business the smart way.

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