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Periscope Clm
Automate, streamline, and integrate your contract management with Periscope’s Contract Lifecycle Management tool, powered by Agiloft.

Contracts Made Easy

Periscope CLM has everything you need to manage the complete contract lifecycle and integrate contract information into existing business processes. With Periscope CLM you can easily link contracts with related accounts, vendors, opportunities, tasks, obligations, products, assets, and more.

Periscope CLM is designed to map any business process, from the simplest to most complex, without programming. Start with the award-winning, out-of-the-box system and customize with your own templates, workflows, custom fields, and rules. Integrate with customer support, CRM, sales automation, asset management and more.

Awarded Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

“The most customizable contract management system on the market.”


  • Keep contracts at your fingertips with a centralized repository, a powerful search engine, built-in OCR, and full text search.
  • Reduce costs and increase revenue by managing expirations, preventing unintentional auto renewals, and avoiding missed customer contract renewals.
  • Reduce costs of contract maintenance by automating the contract creation, approval, execution, and renewal processes.
  • Eliminate approval bottlenecks with automatic notifications and one-click email approvals.
  • Gain insight into upcoming contract renewal costs or revenues with configurable budget and forecast reports.
  • Ensure that customers have valid support contracts before receiving service by making contract status visible in support tickets.

Periscope CLM’s feature set offers the power needed for the most sophisticated contract process and requirements.


  • Automated document assembly includes dynamic print templates, convert to PDF, and PDF merge.
  • Email and SMS integration provide active notifications at any time, to all your devices.
  • Document versioning and check-in /check-out controls capture changes to documents and store all revisions.
  • Version comparison shows red-lined changes for documents.
  • Time-based notifications, reports, and dashboards provide quick access to data in multiple formats.
  • Quick Edit allows record changes on the fly.
  • DocuSign and Adobe Sign integrations add secure, legal e-signatures, eliminating the time and expense of gathering physical signatures.
  • Approval workflows automate complex contract approval routing, including sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals.
  • Granular permission controls provide precise view and edit access by user group, including dynamic filters.
  • Full audit trail and automatic documentation automate complex contract approval routing, including sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals.

Built-in Adobe Sign and DocuSign integrations give you secure, legally enforceable e-signature capabilities, eliminating the time and expense of gathering physical signatures.

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Periscope Clm
Periscope Holdings is a reseller of Agiloft Contract Lifecycle Management. Over 3 million users at organizations ranging from small enterprises to U.S government agencies and Fortune 100 companies depend on Agiloft’s top rated product suites. Agiloft specializes in automating processes that are too complex for competing suppliers. The best practice templates and adaptable technology ensure rapid deployment and a fully extensible system.