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Manage every aspect of the contract lifecycle from one secure location.

Discover Periscope Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Contracts Made Easy

Periscope CLM provides all the tools you need to create, track and manage all your contracts through every step of the contracting process. The solution is available in many configurations, to meet your public sector organization’s size and needs. Download the CLM Workflow to see how easy the procure-to-pay workflow can be.


  • Centralized, searchable contract
  • Complete contract control
  • Automated reminders for key dates and milestones
  • Improved audit trail

Periscope CLM’s feature set offers the power needed for the most sophisticated contract process and requirements.

Key Features

  • Add executed contract
  • Manage multiple contract types
  • Search all contract fields & attachments
  • Automate notifications & alerts
  • Audit the complete contract history
  • Store unlimited documents
  • Access dashboards & reports
  • Manage document templates
  • Redline contracts
  • Enforce approval workflow
  • Add barcodes for added security
  • Access extensive performance metrics
  • Have unlimited users
  • Tailor to your exact business needs
  • Use dynamic templates for document auto-generation
  • Access clause libraries
  • Configure advanced workflows
  • Brand for your organization

Optional Features

  • Esign with your preferred esignature vendor
  • Adapt for sell side (including with CRM integration)
  • Use advanced eDiscovery & data migration capabilities

Discover Periscope Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

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