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Comply with Transparency and Reporting Requirements

Your stakeholders want full visibility into your spend. Educated guesses won’t cut it, nor will anything less than transparency through the entire procurement lifecycle. Our highly configurable “procure-to-pay” eProcurement solution helps you confidently report on procurement status and enhance accountability for all actions. Built-in audit trails that are tied to workflows and document processing ensure 100% compliance under close scrutiny.

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Drive Increased Competition to Save Money

When there’s competition, you always win. Don’t restrict the reach of your solicitations or make it hard for suppliers to submit responses. Choose an eProcurement platform to drive your sourcing process and expand your supplier network. You’ll receive approximately 20% more responses, especially from Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses. More competition maximizes value with higher quality goods and services at lower prices.

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Establish Best Practices to Eliminate Process Inefficiencies, Data Inaccuracies

It’s hard to improve transaction timeliness or enhance resource utilization when you can’t see where routing delays or improper allocations occur. That’s why our eProcurement software is designed to help you see the big picture quickly. Once you can clearly pinpoint your process pain points, it’s easy to simplify data entry actions, expedite requisition submittal, introduce process tracking measures and electronic invoicing, and create a highly-functioning system based on industry-defined standards.

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Integrate Procurement with ERP and Other Supplemental Systems

Procurement is a team effort that requires constant communication and coordination between you, finance, and your customers. When everyone – and every system – works seamlessly together, success comes easy. That’s why we encourage you to establish two-way visibility between your BuySpeed procurement platform and third-party systems. We work with you to create a highly-integrated “hybrid” eProcurement-ERP solution proven to modernize the entire procure-to-pay process.

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Maximize Resources to Manage Evolving Demands throughout the Entire Contract Lifecycle

Procurement can be complicated, especially when you have to manage massive volumes of active procurements and incoming requests with very limited personnel resources. We’re here to help you simplify the entire procure-to-pay process with a combination of eProcurement software and professional development services. Through the online automation of certain functions and frequent user training, our BuySpeed team will empower your procurement professionals to be self-sufficient and more productive.

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Fund Projects Faster

Sometimes all you need is a little creativity – or creative funding – to jump start vital projects. We understand the budget challenges in the public sector and have a variety of funding options available to help you get your eProcurement system up and running now.

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Calculations are based on documented Periscope Holdings customer savings and research from Aberdeen.