State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

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When the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities decided to eliminate its paper-dependent purchasing processes, it partnered with Periscope to implement BuySpeed™, our exclusive web-based eProcurement system. The Periscope team, utilizing BuySpeed™, reworked the department’s procurement process so that it is now streamlined, integrated with maintenance management systems, and available to hundreds of department staff – even to crews on vessels traveling the waters of the Alaska Marine Highway System. The department, once burdened with inefficiencies, data errors, a purchasing backlog and ineffective vendor management, now runs like a well-oiled machine. Three vendor databases, totaling 9,000 records, were cleaned up and consolidated into 3,000, and vendors now register and respond to bids online. Additionally, requisition-processing time has been reduced by more than half, with $75,000 in salary savings gained as a result.

"Bottom line, Periscope has helped us make operations more efficient. Our limited resources are doing what they should: focusing on the core business. We have put once wasted time back into the critical business operations; instead of chasing down information, looking for misplaced paper, printing, faxing and doing data entry.”

– Charlie Deininger, Department Supply Chief, State of Alaska

Three vendor databases, totaling 9,000 records, were cleaned up and consolidated into 3,000 and vendors now register and respond to bids online. Hundreds of department staff members across the state can enter and track their purchase requests and management approvals through BuySpeed™. The Alaska Marine Highway and the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - both critical parts of the state’s unique transportation infrastructure - use their individual maintenance management systems, which were integrated with BuySpeed™, to create automatic purchase requests and record the specifications and engineering locations of those items.

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