State of Arizona Streamlines Purchasing with BuySpeed®

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The transition to the new statewide purchasing gateway, branded “ProcureAZ” for Arizona, began in 2009. This single, web-based procurement and sourcing portal brought significant cost and manpower efficiencies not only to the State, but to local governments and schools as well. 

"BuySpeed’s functionality and Periscope’s consulting approach have allowed us to implement ProcureAZ on-time, on-budget and with meaningful savings realized by the State. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our statewide purchasing process."

– Jean Clark, Procurement Administrator, State of Arizona

How does a state in a budget crisis purchase a new procurement/sourcing system? Arizona devised an everyone-wins answer to this question by assessing a one-percent administrative fee for vendors on purchases made by local government entities. The administrative fee covered the entire cost for implementing the system within 18 months and has since maintained an average 15 percent increase in revenue annually.

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