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Construction, Public Works, and the Trades

Competing for construction, public works, and other trade-related contracts takes strategic planning and an attention to detail. It’s rare for any two bid solicitations in this category to be identical, because it’s rare for any two agencies to have the same requirements. Environmental factors, regional architecture guidelines, and a wide variance in agency missions mean that you have to thoroughly scour search engines to find agencies requesting the very specific goods and services you can deliver. By using our BidSync service to automate the search of relevant opportunities, you’ll have all the time you need to review every detail, confirm your resource availability, and then prepare a winning RFP response.

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A public transportation vehicle is accessed approximately 35 million times a day in America. The service it provides the community along with the 400,000 jobs it creates make it an essential part of our infrastructure. You can be confident that opportunities are abound for your business, especially if you specialize in fleet services, or the supply of fuel, vehicles, and similar operating equipment. If you have the right goods and services for this $58 billion industry, let us connect you with the agencies responsible for all aspects of publicly-funded transportation services.

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Both indoor and outdoor recreational offerings can be a boon for state and local tourism officials, as well as those charged with advancing student education initiatives and tending to the community’s overall well-being. However, government “recreation” budgets are often tight, and non-profits’ spend is defined mostly by donations. That means their ability to deliver a diverse set of quality, publicly-funded activities is contingent on identifying suppliers that can fulfill requirements at a low cost. That’s how we can help. Whether you can contribute to the food service experience, assist with the upkeep of recreational areas such as parks, community centers, and picnic areas; or supply the materials needed for theatre productions, we’ll connect you with the agencies seeking your expertise.

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IT Hardware, Software, and Services

Did you know that the federal government has earmarked approximately $89.9 billion for IT-related buys in FY2017? The budget proposal allocates $38.55 billion for civilian IT spending and $51.33 billion for defense-related IT spending – collectively hoping to improve cyber security, expand continuous diagnostic capabilities to mitigate threats, open government data to fuel entrepreneurship, and improve the quality of services citizens experience. This doesn’t even account for the millions of dollars that will be spent on IT by state and local governments also striving to spur innovation, improve worker productivity, expand data sharing and modernize technology systems. But, while solicitations in this category are frequent, your ability to take advantage of the business growth opportunities depends on your ability to compete. You need time to conduct market research and prepare a strong RFP response. BidSync solutions and services are specifically designed to help businesses like yours win a bigger piece of the multi-billion dollar pie.

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The government spends billions of dollars each year funding medical research, health education and services programs, and insurance subsidies. Everyone from the CDC to public hospitals, workforce safety inspectors to local community “free” health clinics require very specific set of goods, and an even more experienced set of specialized consultants, to deliver their programs and complete their mission. And, at the same time, they all place a special emphasis on eradicating waste to maximize spend. Enlist the help of our bid search and notification service, to identify and bid on opportunities that can help you grow your business.

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Did you know that education-related purchases account for the majority of state and local government expenditures in any given year? According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “States are one of the main funders of the nation’s public elementary and secondary schools” with 25% of state spending going towards K-12 public education. That’s about $280 billion per year in business opportunities that exist for businesses that provide the goods and services required to fulfill K-12 education goals – on top of the approximately $145 billion in state funding used to buy goods and supplies in support of public institutions of higher education. We can help you identify the opportunities that exist and understand how to position your company to beat out the competition.

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Administrative, Financial, and Management Services

Even public sector and non-profit agencies need the assistance of professional services. They have to keep the billions of dollars of government-funded programs running smoothly. When it comes to winning services contracts, the key is to strike a balance between price and proven value. Invest in your business’ future by working with our team to understand what it takes to secure public sector contracts in the administrative, financial, and management services categories.

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Office Supplies and Services

Many opportunities exist to bid on government solicitations for discounted office equipment, printing services, or janitorial support. If you can win just one agency’s business, you can often win many more agencies’ businesses automatically. Plus, it doesn’t matter if the agency is making a one-time purchase of office furnishings, or seeking a supplier for a multi-year fulfillment of basic office necessities, every contract equates to a new revenue (and hopefully profit) stream for your business. Don’t risk missing out on some of the most prevalent and straightforward government business opportunities that emerge every day.

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Other Goods and Services

Regardless of the type of goods or services you provide, you can deliver great value to public sector and non-profit customers. All you have to do is enlist the help of our “matchmaker” services to find the agencies that benefit most from your expertise. We’ll automatically notify you when a bid solicitation is posted that matches your unique business offering. Then, we can provide you with the expert tools and resources you need to prepare and submit an exceptionally crafted RFP response so that you have a better chance of appealing to the requesting agency.

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