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At Periscope Holdings, we know that the pursuit of public sector business opportunities can seem daunting. We also know that it can be rewarding. But it doesn't benefit you to allocate all your time, resources, and expenses searching for opportunities that may or may not be the right fit. Fortunately, we have the solutions to help you understand the complexities of public sector procurement and get a better view of your opportunities. We help you:

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Uncover – in Real Time – Bid Opportunities That Matter to You

Manually searching for public sector bid opportunities takes extensive amounts of manpower and money. Why waste valuable resources each day searching thousands of agencies’ websites for solicitations that may-or-may not be a fit with your business goals or expertise? Automate your search process with a real-time bid notification service and re-focus your resources on what really matters: preparing winning RFP responses that will drive business growth.

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Qualify as a Vendor/Supplier

Not just anyone can compete for public sector business. Before you can submit a bid for any federal, state, or local agency, you’ll need to register in their vendor systems and obtain appropriate licenses and certifications. The easiest way to cover your bases is to enlist the help of third-party services. They’ll streamline the process and even help you determine whether you’re eligible for special designation as a “disadvantaged business entity” (DBEs) which, ironically, gives you advantages in the selection process.

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Understand What Buyers Truly Value

Before you write the first word in your bid proposal, clearly understand whether the requesting agency will make an award based on Best Value (BV) or Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) criteria. Only then will you know whether to stress your competitive price or showcase other valuable qualifications such as your categorical expertise and resources, past performance track record, and relevant certifications.

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Write Winning RFPs – Every Time

Let’s face it – writing government bid submissions is almost always harder than delivering the quality product or service at the price you’re proposing. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t win. Just redirect your resources to strengthening your next submission. There are valuable software and services available to help you fine-tune your proposal writing skills based on proven methods and best practices.

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Differentiate from the Competition

Even if you’ve won public sector contracts hundreds of times before, there are always new market entrants and changes to the procurement process. Consult with industry experts that can help you adapt your sales strategy and improve your reputation. Also invest in online services that give you complete visibility into how buyers think and the tools to gain distinct competitive advantages.

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Avoid Common Bid Submission Mistakes

Your proposal is representative of your attention to detail, and may be the only quality reference point for decision makers. All bets are off if there are spelling or grammatical errors or if you omit specifically requested information. Demonstrate your quality business standards and avoid automatic disqualification by relying on third-party professionals to aid in the writing and review of your RFP response.

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