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ARBuy for State Departments & Entities

ARBuy will automate and standardize many of the procurement and purchasing processes for the State Departments and State Entities within the State of Arkansas.  Electronic sourcing, online shopping of statewide contracts in Marketplace and an automated document approval process are just a few of the key features of ARBuy.



  • Online bid solicitations and management
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Automation of approvals
  • Online submission and receipt of vendor quotes
  • Broader distribution of bid solicitations
  • Improved audit trail
  • Cloning ability on past bid solicitations


  • Consumer-like online shopping of Statewide contracts through ARBuy Marketplace
  • Excellent search capabilities
  • Ensured receipt of contracted pricing
  • Automation of approvals
  • Automated delivery of PO to supplier

Project Phases

Phase 1

  • Supplier Registration and Management – OSP only
  • Solicitations, Quotes, Awards – OSP only
  • Contracting – OSP only
  • Contract Lifecycle Management – OSP Pilot
  • Marketplace Searching & Shopping
  • AASIS Integration Design & Development
  • Organizational Change Management Services

Phase 2

  • Supplier Registration and Management -- Departments/Entities
  • Solicitations, Quotes, Awards - Departments/Entities
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contract Lifecycle Management – Departments/Entities
  • AASIS Integration Go Live
  • Organizational Change Management Services

Project Progress

June 2020

ARBuy production environment pushed live and Supplier Registration began.

October 2020

Change Management kickoff and collection of supplier convenience fee began.

March 2021

OSP End User Training for Phase 1 Go Live

April 2021

Phase 1 Go Live for OSP Phase 2 kickoff

May 2021

Phase 2 Communications Campaign kickoff with monthly ARBuy Forums & email messages. Began Department/Entity Subject Matter Expert (SME) Orientation and decision-making sessions.

June 2021

Planning and preparation for Department/Entity Vendor Registration Campaign and Outline Agreement Migration.

August 2021

Meet with Departments and Entities to define organizational hierarchy, user roles, and department and entity specific approvals.


ARBuy is a new eProcurement system that will transform the procure-to-pay processes for State Departments in Arkansas and support local government sourcing, purchasing, or both. The system is powered by Periscope Holdings and will include a new feature called the ARBuy Marketplace. ARBuy Marketplace allows purchasers to shop directly from supplier catalogs related to Arkansas Statewide contracts. In addition, the system will support bid notifications and online responses from suppliers.
OSP and other State Departments did not have an end-to-end system to support procurement and purchasing. With financial constraints - procurement spending, tracking, reporting, and analysis become key to saving dollars. To save dollars, you need to know what you're buying—ARBuy will help provide this insight.
The website is https://arbuy.arkansas.gov.
Periscope is the developer and implementer of ARBuy. Periscope also provides other products and services for government procurement and purchasing including its suite of ePro products including the operation of a national public sector procurement supplier network.
• All interested suppliers who do or wish to do business with the State will need to register in ARBuy.
• Suppliers will receive solicitation notifications through ARBuy and respond to those solicitations through the system.
• Suppliers awarded Statewide contracts will upload the contract catalog to ARBuy Marketplace for shopping and purchasing.
No. ARBuy will integrate with, not replace AASIS. In the future, Receiving and Invoicing will still be done in AASIS. However, Purchase Orders and Contracts will be created and maintained in ARBuy. These documents will then be sent to AASIS for Receiving and Invoicing.

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Meet the Team

Transformation & Shared Services

Jerry Pack Headshot

Jerry Pack

TSS Project Manager

Camber Thompson Headshot

Camber Thompson

OSP Sr. Procurement Manager

Paul Ford Headshot

Paul Ford

OSP Procurement Support Manager


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Andy Davis

General Manager, ARBuy

G Higgins Capital

Greg Higgins

Project Director


Adrienne Barnett

Project Manager

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