That's why we deliver software and create solutions that transform the entire procurement process for both buyers and suppliers.

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We are a company driven by our purpose to eradicate waste and maximize the value of every dollar you spend.

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Completely Connected

Our software connects all the stakeholders and systems throughout the procurement process – easily, strategically and effectively.

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We deliver the tools that create sustainable procurement processes so that you can become more resourceful, without needing more resources.

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eProcurement software developed by procurement professionals for procurement professionals.

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Supplier Solutions
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The completely rebuilt BidSync supplier application leverages machine-learning technology to deliver the most relevant government opportunities.


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At Periscope, we don't just sell products -we provide solutions. We search for and find your challenge areas, then create the perfect solution for you.

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The public sector is ripe with opportunity for suppliers like you. see all the bids that matter to your business, properly price your services and submit the best RFP response.

Our Satisfied Customers

"Periscope is my best friend. Before we started getting opportunities and bidding on them through BidSync, our business had three employees and a gross revenue of $200k. Now, we are a multi-million dollar company with more than 18 employees. "

Doug Carver
Carver Energy Services

"Periscope is definitely saving me time and money, while enhancing our ability to stay competitive in a market that is heavily concentrated with competitors. In just 10 months using BidSync, we have maximized our visibility in the public sector."

Denise Townsend
Founder and CEO
Spectra Property Management

"Periscope has been a true partner in this process and has continuously worked with us to identify new opportunities to enhance the value that procurement brings to the organization."

Marcheta E. Gillespie, CPM CPPB
Deputy Director of Procurement
City of Tucson, Department of Procurement
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