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The new Statewide eProcurement system, ARBuy, will make it easier for vendors to do business with the State of Arkansas. Self-registration in ARBuy will be REQUIRED for all vendors to continue doing business with the State.


Click the blue 'Register' button in the top right corner of the page you are taken to.

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Get Registered in ARBuy with 5 Easy Steps

Before You Start:


Have your company tax ID available.


Know your company’s relevant commodity and service codes.

  • Need help identifying UNSPSC codes for your business? Feel free to reach out to our team for help at 1-855-800-5046.


Establish your administrative information.

  • Who will be the main point of contact and account administrator?
  • What do you want the user ID to be?
  • What’s a secure password?

Getting Registered:


Download the step-by-step registration guide for reference throughout the registration process.


Navigate to ARBuy registration website and click the blue “Register” button in top-right corner. Follow the prompts and input all company information.

IMPORTANT: As noted on the registration guide, in order to ensure your registration with the state of Arkansas is set-up properly, do not opt-in for S2G at this time. You will have two opportunities to get S2G that you must opt-out of: 

  1. On the administration tab
  2. First time you log into ARBuy

​Once you have successfully registered in the ARBuy eProcurement system and can begin to view and respond to solicitations from the state of Arkansas.

Need More Info?

Find Online Training, How To’s and much more information on our Resources Page

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