Gbi Buy

Project Timeline

September 2021

GVIBUY available for Supplier Registration.

October 2021

DPP begins configuring contracts. DPP may begin publishing Bid Solicitations

January 2022

DPP will begin conducting GVIBUY end user training.

February 2022

GVIBUY goes live for Bid Solicitations (including vendor response and award) and Contract Lifecycle Management.


GVIBUY is a new eProcurement system that will transform the procure-to-pay processes for Agencies of the Government of the US Virgin Islands. The new system will support electronic bid notifications and online responses from suppliers, electronic issuance of PO’s to suppliers, and online invoicing from suppliers to the government. GVIBUY is powered by Periscope Holdings and will include a new feature called the GVIBUY Marketplace, which allows purchasers to shop directly from catalogs from Territory-wide contract vendors and Central Stores.

  • The website is https://gvibuy.buyspeed.com

  • Government Agency users (requestors) will only be given access after training. Most agency users can expect a login to be provided early in 2022.

  • All interested suppliers who do or wish to do business with the Territory will need to register in GVIBUY.

  • Once registered, suppliers will:

    • Receive and respond to bid solicitation notifications through GVIBUY

    • Receive and respond to informal quote requests through GVIBUY

    • Receive and respond to Purchase Orders from GVIBUY

    • Submit electronic invoices in GVIBUY for POs issued from GVIBUY

Periscope is the developer and implementer of GVIBUY. Periscope also provides other products and services for government procurement and purchasing including its suite of ePro products including the operation of a national public sector procurement supplier network.
No. GVIBUY will integrate with, not replace Munis. Tyler Munis will continue to be the system of record for budgeting, accounting, and financial functions. GVIBUY will be the system of record for Procurement, Contract Management and Purchasing functions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, issues or need support, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Supplier Support

If you are a vendor or supplier, contact us via email at

Group 3 vendormanagement@dpp.vi.gov

Agency Support

Government agency employees can contact us via email at

Group 3 gvibuy@dpp.vi.gov