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The Statewide eProcurement system, NJSTART, will make it easier for Vendors to do business with the State of New Jersey.

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Simplified Purchasing

Simplified Purchasing

Online Shopping of Statewide Contract Catalogs

Online Shopping of Statewide Contract Catalogs



Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

What do I need to do to participate?


Have an active State of New Jersey Cooperative Contract


Set up your catalog in Marketplace

  • Almost there – just one more step to get you all set-up. Look out for a welcome email from Periscope with links to a quick training video on how to easily set up your catalog in Marketplace. If you think you have missed it, please click here and send us an email.


Start receiving orders.


Report quarterly on all purchases made through your contract and pay your convenience fee


Marketplace is an integral component of the NJSTART eProcurement system. It allows suppliers to load product/service catalogs related to their contracts with the State. Once catalogs are in place, State users and local governments will use the Marketplace to search for State contracts, shop from them (shopping basket functionality), and generate POs that will be transmitted to the supplier electronically.
A typical question is “What’s in it for me?”  Based on independent research and similar State eProcurement initiatives, it’s been proven that eProcurement system brings many benefits to suppliers, including:  
  • The enablement of catalogs for direct searching and ordering, which makes it easier for purchasers to find what's on contract, understand the products and services, and quickly order. When purchasers can search the web for products, services, information, and solutions it greatly increases visibility and ordering (meaning increased sales).

  • The system and catalogs will be rolled out to State agencies and to all local governments, school districts, counties, and cities, which will increase the reach of state contracts. 

  • Support as a marketing arm for the statewide contracts to encourage knowledge and use by locals, providing additional marketing resources directly for statewide contract suppliers.

Statewide contracts will be marketed to local governments across the State by the eProcurement system supplier. For example, we will advertise online and in print publications about what goods and services are available to local governments. We will manage ongoing outreach throughout the year to local buyers, feature participating supplier logos at tradeshows, conduct webinars with suppliers, etc. This program will increase the visibility of statewide contracts and result in larger sales volumes for those suppliers.
Yes, other than the amendment, other terms in the supplier’s contract will remain the same.
The amendment sent to you for consideration has been executed by the State. Any changes/redlines that a supplier wants to request will be treated in a separate process, which may result in delays to a supplier’s participation in the cooperative program.
Convenience fees to fund procurement operations, cooperative programs, and systems are very common across the U.S. These fees are, essentially, a way to improve services to the supplier community and the State. Suppliers agreeing to the 1% fee will be able to load their catalogs of products or services for searching and ordering in the Supplier Marketplace.
To ensure equity and fairness for the suppliers, the 1% fee is being applied consistently across all statewide contract suppliers.
Yes, the State’s contract officer is not changing as a result of the eProcurement implementation project.
The convenience fee will only apply to sales made using the State of New Jersey’s contract vehicle
Many other states have taken similar approaches to funding cooperative purchasing programs such as NJSTART Marketplace Program. Participating suppliers are funding the technology and the team that will sign up new users, market and advertise your statewide contract items, and help drive increased purchases through statewide contracts.
Only State and local government purchasers can view catalogs in NJSTART. Suppliers cannot view other suppliers’ catalogs or related item pricing.
No. Suppliers will not be required to build punchout sites associated with the Periscope Marketplace. Some suppliers will want to do so and will be supported in that process. Others may simply upload their catalogs into Marketplace for searching and shopping.
For information and training on reporting, please reach out to suppliers-NJSTART@mdfcommerce.com.
  • Step 1: Sign the contract amendment and return it to suppliers-NJBUYS@mdfcommerce.com

  • Step 2: Look out for an email from Periscope with links to a quick training video on how to setup your catalog in Marketplace.

  • Step 3: Work with Periscope to load your catalog.

  • Step 4: Start receiving orders.

  • Step 5: Report quarterly on all purchases made through your contract and pay your convenience fee (watch for emails about how to do that in late June).

Buyers should email suppliers-NJSTART@mdfcommerce.com. Provide as much information as possible regarding the supplier’s issue in the email.
Periscope is the developer and implementer of the ePro eProcurement system (branded as NJSTART in New Jersey). Periscope also provides other products and services for government procurement and purchasing, including its suite of Periscope S2G products including the operation of a national public sector procurement supplier network. Periscope is managing the NJSTART Cooperative Program on behalf of the State.

Who is MDF Commerce?

MDF recently acquired Periscope and is a leader in North American eprocurement.

MDF Commerce Inc. (TSX:MDF) enables the flow of commerce by providing a broad set of SaaS soutions that optimize and accelerate commericial interactions etween buyers and sellers. Our platforms and services empower businesses around the world, allowing them to generate billions of dollars in transactions on an annual basis. Our eprocurement, Unified Commerce and emarketplace platforms are supported by a strong and dedicated team of approximately 800 employees based in Canada, the United States, Denmark, Ukraine and China. For more information, please visit us at mdfcommerce.com or call at 1-877-677-9088.


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