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The State of New Jersey has used NJSTART since 2014 to automate and standardize many of the procurement and purchasing processes for the State Agencies that are part of New Jersey State Government. For an FAQ of what is new in NJSTART click here. Please continue to follow your Agency’s purchasing rules and regulations as well as the Master Blanket Method of Operations. You can also find State Agency specific NJSTART resources here. 

NJSTART State Agencies Resources


  • Online bid solicitations and management
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Automation of approvals
  • Online submission and receipt of vendor quotes
  • Broader distribution of bid solicitations
  • Improved audit trail


  • Consumer-like online shopping of Statewide contracts through NJSTART Marketplace
  • Excellent search capabilities
  • Ensured receipt of contracted pricing
  • Automation of approvals
  • Automated delivery of PO to supplier


NJSTART is the State of New Jersey’s eProcurement system, used to manage sourcing and purchasing for state agencies.
• The State is significantly expanding how NJSTART is used for state and local governments:
• The system will include a new feature called the NJSTART Marketplace. Marketplace allows purchasers to shop directly from vendor catalogs related to New Jersey statewide contracts.
• Suppliers will be able to load and manage searchable catalogs, including images, details, and pricing that they manage themselves.
• The State has contracted with Periscope to manage the rollout of the Marketplace to local governments across New Jersey to drive more business to state contracts. We will be training locals on how to use the system, as well as marketing statewide cooperative contracts.
• In addition, locals will begin to use NJSTART to manage bid notifications and online responses from vendors.
The website is https://njstart.gov, the same URL you use to do business with the State currently through NJSTART.
Periscope is the developer and implementer of the ePro eProcurement system. ePro is the general brand name of Periscope’s eProcurement software. The New Jersey-specific software is NJSTART.

Periscope also provides other products and services for government procurement and purchasing including its suite of Periscope S2G products including the operation of a national public sector procurement supplier

If you still have questions, please send email with your questions to NJSTARTAgency.Suppport@treas.jn.gov


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