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One eProcurement System for
New Jersey Public Purchasing Entities

The State of New Jersey is implementing NJSTART Marketplace and NJSTART Program Efficiency Program (PEP) which will transform the procurement and purchasing processes for State Agencies and eligible Public Purchasing Entities

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NJSTART Marketplace and NJSTART PEP allows suppliers to conduct sales more efficiently by making it easy and transparent to do business with New Jersey state and local governments. 

The NJSTART Marketplace shopping experience offers easy searching and purchasing from Statewide contracts, resulting in valuable spend data for strategic sourcing. Local governments will be able to use NJSTART to conduct their procurements and will have access to all registered suppliers.

NJSTART Marketplace Program Benefits

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24/7 Online Access

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Broader Distribution of Solicitations

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Improved Contract Searching & Shopping

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Online Vendor Interactions

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Improved User Experience

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Accurate Spend Data

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Procurated Ratings

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Periscope is the technology provider for NJSTART. In addition, Periscope helps run the NJSTART program, educating buyers and suppliers across the state on how to use the technology, manage Marketplace catalogs and purchase through state contracts.

“I'm excited to announce [that the next evolution of NJSTART will] make it easier for cities, counties, schools, and other local governments to use state contracts. [These improvements] will result in improved efficiencies for New Jersey local government and increased sales to [our State Cooperative Contract vendors]. NJSTART is the engine that runs New Jersey’s public purchasing needs!”
-Amy F. Davis, Esq., Acting Director, Department of the Treasury, Division of Purchase & Property
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The Division of Purchase and Property (DPP) has partnered with Procurated to make supplier ratings and reviews available within the NJSTART Marketplace.

These ratings will be visible in the NJSTART Marketplace soon, but you can provide a supplier review today! Your feedback helps inform the purchasing decisions made by your peers in New Jersey and beyond.

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