Where the Public Sector Shops

Created exclusively for the public sector, the Periscope Marketplace™ delivers a consumer shopping experience, while maintaining the accountability required for public sector procurement. It’s where government buyers go to shop publicly sourced contracts and open market catalogs – efficiently and compliantly.

A One-Stop Shopping Experience

Simplify procurement and drive best value purchasing. Empower your buyers to compare services, product specs and pricing side-by-side from a variety of catalog types, including:

Your Own Contracts

Government Cooperative Contracts

Publicly Sourced Contracts from the government organizations in the Periscope Network

Open Market Catalogs

application screenshot

Define Your Buyer Journey

After two decades in public procurement, we know every public sector organization has unique requirements for compliance. The Periscope Marketplace features powerful administrative tools that allow you to define the preferred buyer journey for your organization.


Select which contract and catalog types can be viewed


Prioritize the order contracts appear

Set Rules

Set rules for how and when buyers can purchase

Built For Everyone

To encourage adoption by public sector buyers and suppliers, we designed the Periscope Marketplace to be easy to use for everyone. In addition to the savvy user interface, the Periscope Marketplace features drag and drop functionality to simplify the process of uploading catalogs and includes supplier enablement.

Get Periscope Marketplace

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