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Who We Are

Periscope, powered by mdf commerce (formerly Periscope Holdings) was founded in 2001 in Austin Texas, designed to transform public sector procurement with purpose-built solutions. In 2021 the company was acquired by mdf commerce. As a part of the mdf commerce eprocurement division, Periscope solutions help state and local organizations better manage spend and federal funds, boost competition, improve supplier diversity, increase efficiency and achieve transparency and compliance.

Our Values


We may be a technology-related company, but technology is nothing without the right people, knowledge and talents making it work.


We provide only the highest quality service and solutions.


We understand that integrity is the foundation upon which strong business relationships are built.


We believe in being proactive now, to fend off being forced into a less-than-optimal reaction later.


We don’t believe in treating everyone alike; we believe in treating everyone fairly.


We’re not afraid to take the leaps that make sense to move our customers forward.

Growth & Profit

We work continuously for the growth and profit of our employees and shareholders, while helping our customers to eradicate waste and maximize the value of every dollar spent.

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We are looking for purpose-driven individuals to join our team.

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