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Why Periscope


We eradicate waste and maximize the value of every dollar you spend. This is our purpose. It guides everything our company does – from product development to customer interaction.

Procurement Experts

We provide more than technology, we provide the procurement knowledge behind the technology. We work with clients to establish the best practices and process improvement – so you can get even more out of your technology investment.

Empowering For All

Our software is designed to be easy to use so everyone throughout your organization can use it with little training.

Completely Connected

Our software connects all the stakeholders and systems throughout the procurement process – easily, strategically and effectively.

Public Sector Pros

Our solutions are built for the public sector. We’ve run state procurement agencies, influenced legislation, defined industry-wide best practices, and uncovered ways to maximize spend. We are proficient in all procurement matters and understand the demands put on public sector buyers and suppliers – as well as the opportunities that exist for mutual gain.

Successful, Sustainable Implementation

We deliver the tools that create sustainable procurement processes so that you can become more resourceful, without needing more resources.

We See Procurement Clearly

We see it completely, from every point of view. Our software eliminates procurement complexities for both buyers and suppliers. We partner with you to solve problems and transform the entire process. Every system is thought of, every process improved and every stakeholder empowered.  

When you can see procurement clearly, work is performed efficiently and intelligently. Transparency is achieved, competition increased and value maximized. Everyone gains.

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