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Blog | 04.19.23

Advantages of Being a Sustainable Business

Now more than ever, governments are looking at sustainable companies when it comes to procurement. Sustainability starts with extracting raw materials and ends with how they can be reused or recycled. An example would be greener office carpeting that allows for easy disassembling and recycling process after use.

Other stages throughout the life cycle of a product that can be more sustainable include the manufacturing, packaging, distribution, repair, and maintenance of products and services. Looking ahead and finding methods to reduce your carbon footprint will give you an advantage in winning bids.

Circular Supply Systems

It is no surprise that the “circular supply system” is a procurement buzzword for 2023. A circular supply system recycles on a much wider scale and lessens a company’s dependence on new resources. This new way of doing business includes the flow of the materials you use for your products or services from production to the end user then reusing or repurposing them into new or refurbished products. This also includes sharing, leasing, repairing, and anything to create as close to zero carbon emissions as possible.  An example of a circular supply system is Urban Mining Company which finds specific magnets in landfills and recycles them into new magnets. This keeps materials out of landfills, avoids the mining of virgin materials, and saves the company money by protecting them from raw material price fluctuations. 

Comprehensive Procurement Guideline Program

The Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) Program promotes reducing the use of materials associated with greenhouse gas emissions that have environmental impacts over the material’s entire life cycle. This program also promotes the use of materials recovered from the municipal solid waste stream, such as recovered materials collected in recycling programs to be reused.

There is a list of EPA-approved products for construction, landscaping, office products, transportation, vehicles, and more. Once a product is designated EPA-approved, it is recommended that government procurement personnel purchase these products over non-EPA-approved products. For more information on how to get your products on this list, please visit the EPA page. If you already sell environmentally friendly products, you can log into S2G Periscope and choose environmentally certified commodity codes for your products.

It is Important to Think Ahead

There are many ways to think ahead and incorporate a circular supply system. Many companies that implement these systems have seen a drastic change in output cost as well as an increase in customer satisfaction, and sustainability has become an important quality that buyers consider when choosing a supplier to fill their contract. You can choose environmentally certified commodity codes by clicking on “edit default filters” in your S2G profile to display to government agencies that you can supply sustainable products and services. If your business already practices a circular supply method or has environmentally certified products, get bids emailed to you daily with Periscope S2G. Feel free to call us by phone at 800-990-9339 or email us at to help you find the right bid package for your business.