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Blog | 03.24.21
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Billions of Dollars are Flowing to State and Local Government Right Now, and onto Businesses Who are Ready to Get to Work

Several state and local government projects have been put on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began due to significant revenue declines – but things are beginning to pick back up. The federal government’s stimulus bill infusion will spark a flurry of projects that aim to reinvigorate the economy in more ways than one. The common theme across reported spending allocations remains to be technology.

Some money will continue to flow to solutions and services that make it feasible, and safe, for public sector entities to reopen its doors as the pandemic lingers. Other funding will be used to expand digital government offerings and support the remote workforce long-term. Think computers, IT system modernization and the like.

However, a large amount of money is being dedicated to reinvigorating the “broadband for all” effort that started well over a decade and modernizing decades-old, publicly funded infrastructure. All these projects are going to require the support of private sector companies that have both hardware and software expertise as well as specialized labor resources to help survey, plan, install and maintain assets. The range of goods and services that will be solicited is far too extensive to be listed in this one blog post.

That’s why solution providers, service providers and subcontractors should all be checking their bid notification dashboards daily to ensure no potential bid opportunities are missed. Agencies are going to be moving fast, and solicitations may not be open for long.

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Now’s also the time to run through your pre-bid checklist and ensure your certifications, liability protections, business systems, and other required documentation is in order and up to government standards. The last thing you want is for the perfect bid opportunity to pass you by because you couldn’t meet the agency’s basic vendor criteria or you didn’t have the resources in place to hit the ground running. If you’re not sure what it takes to qualify as a vendor, reach out to the contracting officer at the agencies you’re aiming to work with to make an introduction and get the lay of the land.

And, if you’re a supplier who is hoping to take advantage of the stimulus funding to kick start your own growth in the government market, watch this:

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