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Blog | 01.26.21
By Britton CroninBritton Headshot Edit

FAQ: Who Benefits from the Periscope Marketplace?

Though the Periscope Marketplace is not the only e-commerce marketplace that your organization can use to shop for goods and services, it is the first and only one-stop-shop created exclusively for state and local governments, school districts, special districts and non-profits who…

  • Understand time is money and appreciate tools that help them save both. Since the Periscope Marketplace looks, feels and works just like consumer e-commerce websites, solution on-boarding is practically instant. Buyers can login and immediately start shopping without any special training required. Market research can be completed in a matter of minutes, empowering even the smallest procurement teams to expedite a high volume of purchase requests and extract the greatest value possible from every available dollar.   In fact, our customers reduce the final purchase price of goods and services by an average of 15%.
  • Want to ensure operational continuity for their procurement teams, no matter the circumstances. Whether working in the office, from home or in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), procurement professionals simply have to login to an internet-connected device to start shopping for the items requested by agency customers.  
  • Want to enforce strict compliance with procurement policies and procedures without restricting sourcing capacity. The Periscope Marketplace’s built-in administrative controls help to reduce the risk of fraud and non-compliance with government or organization regulations by dictating which catalog items are actionable (i.e. approved for immediate purchase) and flagging open-market/off-contract vendors who require further vetting before sales transactions will be authorized.
  • Want to effortlessly expand their supplier pools. The only way to ensure you’re getting the best product or service at the best price every time is by increasing competition. By giving your buyers visibility into existing government contracts, cooperative contracts and open market catalogs every time they shop for your organization, you’re making it easy for them to find potential new vendors that weren’t previously on your organization’s radar but should be.   Its also easier to find local, small, minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses.   Our customers have increased spend with preferred vendors by over 500%.

Want to see firsthand how the Periscope Marketplace can provide the shopping experience your procurement team wants and needs? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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