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Blog | 03.13.23

Finding Transportation Contracts from the Government

The ever-growing and expanding transportation industry includes airlines, trucking, railroads, shipping, logistics firms as well as transportation infrastructure. This is an industry important to almost everyone as we all use some form of transportation daily. Building and maintaining transportation infrastructure is a must in today’s world. If your company provides goods or services related to the transportation industry, government bidding is a great way to be a part of these lucrative projects.

Transportation Spending on the Rise

The federal government plans each fiscal year on how much they are going to spend on different transportation projects. This year there was a $3.4 billion increase in spending on transportation initiatives through September. This new $106.3 billion budget for the Department of Transportation will be distributed between these administrations:

  • $62.9 billion to the Federal Highway Administration
  • $19 billion to the Federal Aviation Administration
  • $16.9 billion to the Federal Transit Administration
  • $3.4 billion to the Federal Railroad Administration

State and local governments also plan their spending each fiscal year for additional transportation projects. Please be sure to stay updated on your local funding budget, which will result in even more government bidding opportunities for you to pursue.

Carryover from the Infrastructure Act

You may have noticed more transportation and infrastructure projects due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which was passed in 2021 to increase infrastructure spending nationwide over the next 5 years. This law includes unprecedented amounts of money allocated to modernizing roads, bridges, pedestrian walkways, and biking access. Whether you do business on a local, state or national level, you can be sure to expect a lot of federal funding dedicated to the transportation and infrastructure industry over the next few years. How can you take advantage of this flow of funding? Periscope S2G can help you get set up to receive opportunities right to your inbox.

How to Find Transportation Bids on Periscope S2G

Finding transportation and infrastructure bids is not as challenging as you would think. By utilizing a government bidding solution such as Periscope S2G, you can get alerts on opportunities pertaining to your industry sent right to your inbox!

You can also search for exact matches by setting up your searches with keywords and negative keywords. For example, if you transport materials such as building supplies, with Periscope S2G, you can enter your main keywords: “transportation” and “transport”.

Currently, there are over 800 bids nationwide with these keywords. However, you are not equipped to transport humans, so in the negative keywords you can list “student”, “pupil”, “patient”, and “pedestrian”. You also may have nothing to do with van or ambulance transport so you can also put “van” and “ambulance” in the negative keywords list. This narrows your search further to around 700 bids. You can also just search in states you’re interested in and conveniently save that search to use later.

Grow Your Transportation Business

With this influx of spending at the federal, state and local levels, there are plenty of chances for your business to score big. Please keep in mind that small businesses are just as important as big businesses when it comes to government contracts. Your SBE certification matters, so please explore these options if you qualify. Government entities are looking for you just as much as you are looking for their bids.

Please contact us at 1-800-990-9339 or email us at for help to begin finding transportation bids. Also, be sure to bookmark our Resource Center to keep updated on procurement information and trends.