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Blog | 11.02.23

HMI and California Safety Training: Winning Big with Periscope S2G

Rich Harlan, the owner & CEO of HMI and California Safety Training, has a story that's not just about individual success—it's about how strategic tools like Periscope S2G can redefine the landscape of business opportunities. As a retired Battalion Chief and a paramedic with over 35 years of service, Rich's transition to the helm of a company might seem like a change of pace. Yet, his commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Finding Opportunities with Periscope S2G

Periscope S2G has emerged as a pivotal element in HMI and California Safety Training's story, delivering notifications of more than 100,000 government bids each month. "We have a couple of contracts where Periscope really helped us out," Rich explains. "We got these two five-year contracts, and combined, both of those are $2,000,000 contracts."

This isn't just about the numbers; it's about the potential unlocked by Periscope S2G. Rich's proactive approach paid off handsomely: "I saw those right away when I signed up for Periscope, and I ended up putting proposals together, and we ended up getting both of those contracts."

“You are in the know [about] what's going on in the areas that you want to pick that you can find available. So do it.”

– Rich Harlan

The Value of Investment

With the confidence of someone who's navigated the complexities of government contracting, Rich is forthright about the value Periscope S2G offers. "It's an investment and it will be well worth it," he asserts.

This statement isn't just conjecture; it's backed by the tangible success of securing contracts worth millions. Rich's encouragement to fellow government suppliers is clear: investing in Periscope S2G’s services is not just a wise move - it pays off.

“…this is where I'd like to tell anybody out there that's considering about spending for Periscope [to] spend the money; it will make you the money back again.”

– Rich Harlan

Encouraging a Forward-Thinking Industry

Rich doesn't just view Periscope S2G as a tool for his company's growth—it's an asset he believes should be in the arsenal of every government supplier serious about success. With over $2 million in contracts won thanks to the platform's insights, he stands as a testament to the idea that the right technological partner can make all the difference.

In this narrative of HMI and California Safety Training's achievements, Periscope S2G features prominently—not as a mere footnote, but as a key character in a story of triumph over the complexities of government contracting. Rich Harlan's journey with Periscope S2G serves as an inspiration and a strategic blueprint for others looking to replicate his success.