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Article | 10.12.22

How to Find Your Next Cybersecurity Contract with Periscope S2G

Today, almost everyone is conducting business online. As we shift to digitization, we increase the risk of cyber-attacks which can cause detrimental effects to one’s business if not addressed quickly. Strengthening IT and cybersecurity is a top priority amongst many government agencies as government databases tend to be a big target for hackers. As a result, federal, state, and local government agencies combined spend billions of dollars a year to continue advancing their security. According to, federal agencies alone reported over 30,000 cyber incidents in FY 2020. With this many attacks, it can often cost a lot of money to resolve. To prevent this, many agencies are spending more and issuing more bids and RFPs for IT and cybersecurity services for your business to pursue. By utilizing Periscope S2G, you can find and be notified of new opportunities daily, so you don’t have to spend time and resources finding them on your own.

Prepare for New Spending in FY 2023

The start of the new federal fiscal year just kicked off on October 1st, which means there’s a new federal budget is in the works. Close to an 11% increase from last year in cybersecurity funding is expected to come from this budget. According to, House appropriators have been working on dozens of spending bills that would provide approximately $15.6 billion for cybersecurity efforts across federal agencies and departments. The biggest chunk is expected to go the Department of Defense at $11.2 billion and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at $2.9 billion. Many other departments can expect to receive millions of dollars as well. If you don’t currently bid on federal opportunities, this may be the perfect time to start as we’ll see an influx over the next several months.

How to Find Matching Opportunities

With Periscope S2G, you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity. We monitor thousands of government agencies to deliver you the best matching bids for your business. There are currently hundreds of open cybersecurity opportunities that you can start getting notified of daily. All you have to do is register as a supplier with one of our plan options, set up your bidding profile, and you can start exploring.

When setting up your bidding profile, one of the most important things to add is keywords. This will help narrow down your bid search even further. You can add keywords such as ‘‘cybersecurity’’, ‘‘information technology security’’, ‘‘security’’ and more. If you save these to your profile, you’ll be able to come back to that search at any time to see what new opportunities are being published. Another important step is to add NIGP codes to your profile. These are unique codes that identify different products and services so that you’ll be matched with the right opportunities. You can add codes like 257-78: Security Enhancement Equipment, Cyber.

Start Growing Your Business Today

As doing business online becomes the focus of the future, investing in more advanced cybersecurity efforts will continue to increase. With increased spending comes more bid opportunities for your business, plus as technology advances, there will be more room for your business to grow and release new products that the government will be interested in buying. With billions of dollars in funding in the works for FY 2023, stay on the look out for new opportunities from federal, state, and local government agencies.

With Periscope S2G, you can do business across the U.S. with one simple, easy-to-use bidding solution. Simply register with our state, regional, or national plan, set up your profile, start making connections, and watch your opportunities grow!