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Blog | 02.16.21
By Kyle WilliamsKyle Williams

In the Tech Space? Governments May Want to Enlist Your Help to Win the Race Against Time

Leaders at all levels of government are prioritizing technology investments to bolster everything from telework to telehealth and distance learning to transportation that will help you travel the distance in a safer, more environmentally friendly way. As you can see in this roundup from governors’ most recent “State of the State” addresses, they aren’t just adding more ambitions to their roadmaps. They are trying to facilitate changes that can create more economic stability and improve the well-being of communities as COVID-19 recovery efforts continue. Tech projects won’t just center on cutting-edge solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) or unmanned aircraft, either. Many of the priorities communicated in these speeches were focused on getting the fundamentals in place:  

  • Broadband access for all
  • Websites that digitally facilitate citizen services
  • Hotlines to assist with mental health management and child enrichment programs
  • Computer devices for virtual learning and work
  • Technologies to improve the monitoring, maintenance and security of infrastructure
  • Agricultural technologies
  • Renewable energy
  • The expansion of telemedicine/telehealth

Be Ready to Jump on Opportunities Quickly  

Though the urgency to improve access to broadband and digital services is the same as it was a year ago, public sector entities have (a little bit) more time to be strategic in its decision making in this next phase. Therefore, they will be soliciting more guidance from the private sector on best practices, solutions and processes to employ to achieve goals within a reasonable time frame and restricted budget framework. That gives goods, service and solution providers like you the opportunity to demonstrate your value as partners and not just vendors. It does not, however, give you a lot of time to refine your bidding strategy and secure the resources needed to respond to the growing number of solicitations expected to be issued in the coming months.  

If you want to get a feel for what agencies are starting to ask for from a technology perspective, you can sign up for free access to the Periscope Supplier to Government (S2G) Basic bid notification database here. You’ll also start receiving daily email alerts when agencies post new solicitations. And, if you’re ready to aggressively sell to the public sector, you should consider subscribing to S2G Premium. You can learn about the differences between the two service levels here.

Kyle Williams

About the Author

Kyle Williams

Executive Vice President, Supplier Operations

As Executive Vice President of Supplier Operations, Kyle is responsible for overseeing all supplier facing aspects of the business including customer on-boarding, sales growth, revenue growth, customer retention and innovation within our suite of supplier products and services. Kyle also serves as the executive site leader for the American Fork, UT office, driving transformational change and collaboration to align with Periscope’s core values. Kyle has been with Periscope since 2018 and brings over 12 years of valuable leadership experience in building and growing high performing teams for both inside sales and SaaS based software organizations. Kyle is continually focused on implementing scalable processes that maximize efficiency and has created a culture that models integrity, is team centric, passionate and accountable. Prior to joining Periscope in 2018, Kyle served for 4 years as Sr. Sales Manager for AvidXchange, a hyper growth company providing best of breed AP automation solutions. Prior to that, Kyle served as Sr. Sales Manager at SettlementOne, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of mortgage data for financial institutions and consumers. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and his multi subject teaching credential in Liberal Studies from Notre Dame de Namur University.