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Blog | 03.21.23

It’s Landscaping Time: Find Your Next Landscaping Contracts

Spring is around the corner, and this means that landscaping services will commence in your area and across the United States and Canada. Government agencies have been preparing their landscape maintenance projects since last year. There are already hundreds of bids for landscape and mowing services on Periscope S2G. Landscaping businesses will also be needed for projects concerning parks, athletic fields, offices, schools, and roadways throughout summer and fall. It is never too late to start looking for these bids in your area and to get a head start on contracts for next year.

Spring is also the time to find many bids pertaining to tree and bush trimming, pruning, weeding, hedging, irrigation, planting, soil, and beautification. If your business can help with any of these maintenance operations, now is a good time to find bids on Periscope S2G. In this article, we will discuss how to find these lucrative opportunities for your business.

How to Search for Landscaping Bids on Periscope S2G

You may be wondering what’s out there for your business. Finding these opportunities is easier than you think. As a registered vendor on Periscope S2G, you get access to bids and RFPs from 1,000+ exclusive agencies plus other agencies that we research for you. Searching through landscaping contract opportunities in Periscope S2G can easily be done using keyword search.

You can also take advantage of our keywords tool which includes “negative keywords” as well. For example, let’s say you want to know your area’s mowing bids. You could enter these keywords: “grounds maintenance,” “mowing,” or “landscape.”

But…what if you do not provide litter clean-up, snow removal, or equipment? You can bypass these bids by entering “litter,” “snow,” and “equipment” into the negative keywords section. You now have a list of all current bids pertaining to your business. Below is an example of 2 past bids with the above search criteria in South Carolina you can find in Periscope S2G. To view these bids, you must be a registered vendor. Start for free today.

The Advantage of Looking Through Closed Solicitations

Finding a current open bid that pertains to your company is great, however, there is a wealth of information in studying past bids. With a subscription to S2G Periscope, you will have access to closed bids dating back to 2016. Looking through closed solicitations before you start to bid can give you an idea of what government agencies are looking for so you can devise a stronger response. The awarded information on past contracts will give you an idea of how to price your products or services so you can be more competitive and know what companies you may be up against. Government agencies post the same landscape maintenance bids each year at the same time. With this information, you will know when an important solicitation will become available by looking at the contract terms. Past bid information will help you to accumulate a stockpile of information to work proactively towards future lucrative contracts in your area.

Start Bidding Today!

Many local and state government agencies have already issued hundreds of landscaping bid opportunities. Not only does a subscription to Periscope S2G help you save time and resources by getting notified of these opportunities straight to your inbox, but it also allows you to search for past contracts to gain insight on bidding strategies with the local governments you want to work with. Please contact the Periscope S2G team to help find a package right for you 1-800-990-9339. You can also email us at