Blog | 09.10.20

Our Name is Changing! (But That’s All That’s Changing.)

When you log into your BidSync app or visit the BidSync website on or after September 12, 2020, you’re going to notice some changes: the BidSync name and logo will be replaced by the Periscope S2G, Supplier to Government name and logo.

S2 G Full Logo Full Color

But don’t worry! Though this rebranding is significant to us (meaning, the Periscope Holdings team), it doesn’t impact you in any way whatsoever. You’ll automatically be redirected to the rebranded S2G app and website, both of which will still give you near real-time access to more than 100,000 new solicitations each month from 100,000+ federal, state, local and non-profit organizations across North America. You’ll still receive daily email notifications with the most relevant bid opportunities for your business, based on your profile settings, . And, you’ll still be able to register as a supplier and submit bids directly to agencies within the Periscope Agency Network.

So, even though your dashboard and email headers will have a new look and feel, you’ll still have the same widespread visibility into government agencies’ needs and valuable near real-time awareness of the most immediate revenue-generating bid opportunities.

Why the Change?

Our parent company, Periscope Holdings, has been rapidly growing over the past several years and its solution portfolio has been expanding to better serve the needs of both government buyers and suppliers. Yet, many of our solution names don’t really reflect their true purpose and value – or give any indication that they are part of the Periscope portfolio. We wanted to provide more clarity in our offerings and create a more cohesive portfolio brand. So, we went to work.

Beyond changing BidSync to Periscope S2G, also notice that Marketplace will now be known as Periscope Marketplace when you log in to upload your catalog and increase buyer visibility into your offerings.

Our government agency customers will also see a few changes:

  • BidSync Source will now be Periscope Source
  • BuySpeed will now be Periscope ePro
  • Reconciler will now be Periscope Reconciler
  • PIMS will now be Catalog Manager

Again, your user experience will not change. Neither will the value you receive from your S2G (formerly BidSync) subscription. If anything, you’ll find that the new names better reflect the benefits that Periscope Holdings provides to your business: a direct connection to the government buyers that need and want what you’re selling.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message on our updated social media accounts or reach out to the S2G support team. As always, we encourage you to stay tuned into the blog for more relevant updates and expert tips.