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Blog | 09.15.22

Why Should I Consider Doing Business with Airport Authorities

Every day, millions of people travel across the world from one of the 5,000 public airports in the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration awarded contracts worth over $22 billion in FY2019 alone, making the airport authorities some of the top government agencies seeking business from vendors. The FAA already released its budget proposal for FY2023 with a $23.6 billion requested budget, $3 billion of which is requested for facilities and equipment improvements. This budget is only for the FAA alone to disburse at its discretion; counties and local cities have also set their own budgets for their regional airports.

Considering the spending on procurement for airport facilities and equipment, the airport industry is one of the best to do business with. Here is how you can find these types of opportunities on Periscope S2G and grow your business.

How Can I Find Opportunities on Periscope S2G

Finding bid opportunities from airport authorities on Periscope S2G is easy. We monitor over 100,000 government agencies, including airport authorities and counties that fund their regional airports. As a registered supplier on Periscope S2G, you can also receive bid notifications to opportunities that match your business. If you’re new to Periscope S2G and want to see bid opportunities, you can start for free here.

One way to find opportunities on Periscope S2G is to use the keyword filter. This allows users to input multiple keywords and search for specific bids. For airport contracts, you can try these keywords – airport, airline, aircraft, taxiway, runway, and control tower. You can also try out keywords like snow removal runway or maintenance for more specific results.

The second and most efficient way to find opportunities is by setting up your NIGP codes. These allow the system to send you the most recent bid opportunities that match your business offering. You can consider these NIGP codes:

  • 925-08 Airports (lighting, Fueling, Navaids) – Engineering
  • 913-10 Construction: Airport Roadway, Runway, and Taxiway
  • 975-10 Airport Equipment and Accessories Rental or Lease

You can also search by keyword through the NIGP Code finder on Periscope S2G to get more classifications.

Grow Your Business

The airport industry is one of the biggest procurers among all the industries in the US. Some public airports are also funded by counties or have their own airport authority agency. Finding bid opportunities from airport authorities is limitless. On Periscope S2G, you can find all of these solicitations and have the option to add more like Federal or Military bids, and even Canadian tenders. Get started today to grow your business.