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State and Local Government

Procurement is crucial to the delivery of services and progress. You’re entrusted to maintain and improve our most vital community systems. But you’re also expected to spend public funds responsibly while adhering to regulations. When you use our eProcurement software, you’ll see all procurement activity, spend, and data metrics clearly – and make smarter decisions. You’ll achieve transparent, open and fair procurement while increasing competition.

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Special Authorities and Districts

It doesn’t matter if you’re an airport, a water district or a fire district, your constituents are invested in your procurement actions – and impacted by your processes. Greater sourcing pools lead to higher quality public services, which leads to stronger communities. Greater waste eradication leads to healthier budgets, and program expansions that strengthen community resiliency. In other words, when you invest in eProcurement technologies, you’re fortifying your community’s future.

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You have a mission to fulfill. Yet lengthy procurement processes and ineffective systems can hinder your potential. We’ll give you a better way to competitively source goods and services, manage your spend, and eradicate waste. In turn, you can spend more time and apply greater resources to the projects and programs that matter most to those who benefit from your good deeds. That’s what we call paying it forward.

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K-12 Education

Overhauling school curriculum? Introducing new classroom technologies? Trying to sustain quality student education, transportation, and food programs – without sacrificing safety, health, or administrative services – despite tight budgets? We’ll give you the tools to make better procurement decisions so that you can protect what matters most to your community’s youth and families.

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Higher Education

Your students will define our future. Your educators, researchers, and change advocates will accelerate their learning. But first, you must keep pace with their collective demands for advanced equipment and technologies, expanded services, and basic student necessities. Our eProcurement technologies help you do just that, so you can move beyond the past and help them move toward a better future.

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Calculations are based on documented Periscope Holdings customer savings and research from Aberdeen.