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System News | 05.26.22

Spotlight on Law Enforcement Contracts Within ARBuy

Law Enforcement departments across the State of Arkansas are tasked with protecting, preserving, and safeguarding the rights all residents. ARBuy supports this mission by offering statewide contracts to law enforcement departments and the agencies that supply them, making them better equipped for the daily duties of their jobs.

ARBuy offers local agencies access to statewide contracts including goods and services for law enforcement. Through Marketplace, agencies at all levels can shop statewide contracts while ARBuy helps to streamline the entire procure-to-pay process.

Some law enforcement-related contracts available within ARBuy include:

  • Ammunition
  • Body Armor and Ballistic Resistant Products
  • Correctional Industries Catalog
  • Radar/Lidar Speed Detection Equipment
  • Specialty Vehicles and Accessories

Local Arkansas agencies can shop these statewide contracts and more with ARBuy Marketplace. Marketplace offers an easy-to-use search engine and user-friendly interface, as well as full reports on POs, and a consumer-like online shopping tool for easy shopping. Free to all local governments, ARBuy Marketplace is cost effective and compliant – saving organizations time and money.

To learn more about ARBuy and how Marketplace makes it easy shop statewide contracts, contact Reid Hall, ARBuy Government Account Manager, at 844-470-5021.