City of Fort Worth Integrates BuySpeed eProcurement and PeopleSoft Financials

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The City just knew that it was losing vendor support for the long-time system and needed to take fast action. There was limited internal knowledge of how to maintain the customized batch application, and both the finance and procurement departments were being challenged by the system’s once-a-day overnight updates.

"After comparing the various procurement platforms, we found that BuySpeed was the only solution capable of providing a highly-configurable interface with PeopleSoft Financials."

– Jack Dale, Purchasing Manager, Financial Management Services Department, City of Fort Worth

Seeking to eliminate inefficient finance processes that impacted their entire organization, the City of Fort Worth reviewed and selected PeopleSoft Financials as its new platform. The City had recently replaced its legacy HR application with PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and was pleased with the ERP experience. However, City leaders recognized that – because of the synergies between finance and procurement functions – they would be remiss to upgrade their finance system without re-evaluating their procurement system as well.