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Blog | 09.29.22

Doing Business with Orange County Government

Orange County, California is the home of the happiest place on earth, Disneyland Parks, and other outstanding amusement parks and beaches in the country. With a population of 3.1 million and 34 incorporated cities, doing business with the Orange County government is a no-brainer. The county recently approved $8.8 billion in expenditures for its FY22-23 budget, which includes $334 million for Capital Improvement Projects and $1.5 trillion for Infrastructure and Environmental Resources.

Orange County on Periscope S2G

Orange County has been publishing bid opportunities through Periscope S2G, formerly known as BidSync, since early 2014. They are currently accepting bid responses online to some of their solicitations. Registered suppliers on Periscope S2G can access solicitations from Orange County and other buying organizations. Aside from getting access, registered suppliers can also receive matching solicitations in real time to their email. Only registered suppliers can download the documents and respond to solicitations. You can get started for free by registering here.

Are you interested in doing business with Orange County? You can view some of their open solicitations below:

Benefits of Being a Registered Supplier on Periscope S2G

Suppliers registered on Periscope S2G get exclusive access to the Periscope agency network, which consists of hundreds of public buying organizations that publish exclusively on Periscope. In addition, Periscope S2G monitors thousands of public buying organizations across the country.

Registered suppliers can also receive bid notifications that match your business. You can find key bid information and rate and access the bid directly from your email. Periscope S2G gives you all the tools you need to win your next contract. See it in action to learn how powerful the tools we offer can be. Try Periscope S2G for free to get access to open solicitations from Orange County and other agencies you are interested in doing business with. Start growing your business today!