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Blog | 08.09.22

Keywords Matter: Setting Up Your Keywords for Matched Government Bids

Are you wondering about the importance of the keywords that you set up upon registration? The keywords attached to your account on Periscope S2G are words related to the services or products your company provides. Keywords drive the matched open bids available to you on our platform.

Keywords should be specific to your business and its offerings. They should not include the location or service area in which you are looking for open bids.

Remember these tips and watch this video clip on how to set up your keywords:

  • Be specific – use keywords that are specific to your business product or service provided
  • Be relevant – only select keywords related to RFPs you want to bid on
  • Give some thought – the more effort you put into selecting the right keywords, the better-matched bid opportunities results
  • Know what you don’t offer – use “negative” keywords to exclude solicitations containing words you do not want to bid on