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There are a lot of federal contracting resources online for small businesses interested in pursuing business with the government. Preparing your business for federal contracting opportunities will run smoother if you take advantage of a few of the resources available to you. By taking a few preliminary steps, you can make your business searchable and reachable to federal agencies. Here are a few steps and resources to ensure that your business is prepared for federal contract bidding.

Small Business Administration

A good initial resource is the Small Business Administration’s website. Here you can create a small business profile so contracting officers can identify potential contractors for upcoming opportunities. You can also use this tool to find other businesses for team projects and joint venturing.

System for Award Management

The System for Award Management website is where you go to register your business with the government. By submitting a business profile to this primary database the government uses to locate contractors, your business will be easily searchable to agencies looking for contract work. By registering with the System for Award Management, you business can be searched by size, location, capabilities, ownership, and experience.

GSA Schedules

The General Services Administration handles the largest government contracts across the different branches of government. GSA schedules are also used by state and local governments to purchase goods and services. By becoming a GSA schedule contractor, you can benefit from potential contracts at all levels of government. This contract setup allows agencies to streamline the procurement process by allowing government agencies to easily acquire products and services directly from listed suppliers.

Federal Procurement Data System

The Federal Procurement database holds information on all federal contracts over $25,000. Using this system can help you find out which agencies hold contracts with whom, which agencies buy, and which contractors hold contracts. This information can help your business increase market capability and learn more about federal contracting opportunities. With this system, you can run specialized and standard reports as well as use numerous customized fields to procure as much information on federal contracts as possible to help your business.

Federal Contracting Success

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