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Blog | 04.26.23

Finding Your Next Military Contract

Are you looking for your next military opportunity? The Pentagon announced a proposed spending package of $170 billion for the year 2024. This is a $6 billion increase from 2023, the largest budget ever proposed for procurement! This will increase opportunities for your business within the US national defense sector as the Department of Defense (DoD) is always procuring goods and services for improvements to the country’s national security.

Strengthen and Build

This increase in procurement spending reflects the need to strengthen infrastructure and capabilities for the next few years. If your business deals with munitions, cloud computing resources, platforms, software, communications, data links, or cyber tools, the military is looking for your products and services.

More specifically, the DoD plans to spend money in these areas for 2024:

  • $17.4 billion for facilities restoration and modernization
  • $15.6 billion for weapons and munitions
  • $13.5 billion on cybersecurity
  • $5 billion for new missile warning technologies
  • $4.7 billion for satellite communications improvements
  • $1.3 billion for maintenance and improvements to the GPS constellation

Research and Development

The research and development program will also get a boost, up $5 billion from this year to $145 billion next year. Main projects include artificial intelligence and advanced technology. If your company focuses on basic research, data analysis, or automation, these military bids will be a suitable place to look for rewarding opportunities.

How can I find these military bids?

The best way to take advantage of these military procurement opportunities is to use a bidding service such as Periscope S2G. You can add the “Military Bids” plan enhancement to the package that works best for you; State, Regional, or National. Once you set up your profile, you will get real-time matching bid solicitations straight to your inbox!

When you have a military package with Periscope S2G, you will be able to see bids denoted with a blue circle “M” for the military. Here is an example of two past military bids:

We would love to help you find the right package for you and set up your profile so you can get the most out of our bidding platform. Please feel free to contact us: 800-990-9339 or email at Also, please be sure to bookmark our resource page to keep up on procurement industry news.