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Blog | 10.06.22

Fire Safety Service Opportunities for Your Business

October is Fire Prevention Month, so it’s the perfect time to be reminded of fire safety for your business and your home. Fire safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. So, before we get into the bids and RFP opportunities, let us share with you some basic fire protection steps to keep your employees and family safe:

  1. Check the batteries on your fire and CO2 alarms
  2. Do a yearly fire safety training with your employees – and even with your family
  3. Always have a plan for escape in case of fire

More and more government agencies – whether local or statewide – are investing in maintenance, inspections, and even new fire trucks. In the past 6 months, we found more than 5,500 fire safety-related solicitations across the country. Currently, there are hundreds of open solicitations that are looking for services and goods such as:

  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Fire cadets
  • Fire sprinkler inspection, and more

How to Find Fire Safety Solicitations

Finding fire safety bids and RFPs on Periscope S2G is easy. With matching accuracy tools and AI technology, entering targeted keywords gives you the most relevant solicitations for your business. If you are new to Periscope S2G, we suggest watching this demo of the search tools to get the most relevant bids and RFPs.

To better understand and learn more about what types of solicitations you can find on Periscope S2G, below are some recently closed solicitations to study. You must log in or register for free to access the solicitations:

Why Periscope S2G?

Periscope S2G monitors over 100,000 government agencies across the country for opportunities as they are published. Periscope S2G also notifies registered suppliers of daily bid opportunities – so you won’t miss a single opportunity for your business. Choosing Periscope S2G gives you access to the powerful tools we offer such as the Advanced Search Tool, Electronic Bid Submissions, and Visual Relevance Indicator, all of which will help you identify the perfect opportunities for your business. You can always try Periscope S2G for free – no term limits. Register today!