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Blog | 05.05.23

Going Beyond Borders: Finding Canadian Tenders

You may already know that finding bids with government entities is a great way to grow your business, but are you looking to expand your business into the great country of Canada? Periscope S2G can help you grow your business across borders by adding the Canadian tenders value-added option to your Periscope S2G premium package. Finding Canadian tenders is simple with Periscope S2G’s search tools and email alerts containing relevant bids to your business.

Canadian Procurement Budget

The 2023 Budget for procurement in Canada is $497 billion with approximately $20 - $25 billion going to small, disadvantaged businesses each year. With a premium subscription to Periscope S2G, you will be able to search thousands of bids in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, and other Canadian provinces.

How can Periscope S2G help me find Canadian Tenders?

Finding tenders in Canada is a fantastic way to grow your business. In the past 6 months there were over 5,000 Canadian tenders on Periscope S2G. These bids are denoted by a blue circle “C.” Here are some past Canadian bids found on Periscope S2G. You must have a premium package with the Canadian value-added addition to view these bids:

Periscope S2G can help you get started if you want to expand. Adding the Canadian tenders value-added option to your package will bring relevant bids to your inbox from the provinces and territories of your choice.

Success in Bidding with Periscope S2G

Vendors need to stay competitive with their bidding. Knowing what bids are out there for your business will help your business to move forward in new and exciting directions. Periscope S2G is equipped to aid you with finding relevant bids in your area but can also help you grow into other areas. Expanding your business across the International Boundary into Canada’s provinces and territories is not as difficult as you think. Never miss a bid opportunity: Get started with your bid package today by calling 800-990-9339 or email us at Ask about any specials we may be running that you may be able to take advantage of. Also, bookmark our resource page to keep up with procurement industry news and trends.