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Blog | 05.04.21
By Kyle WilliamsKyle Williams

Get Ready: The American Jobs Plan Will Mean More Jobs for Government Suppliers, Too

Many experts are advising people to prepare their resumes for the influx of opportunities that are expected to emerge once the American Jobs Plan is finalized. We recommend you prepare your entire business. Much of the $2 billion in funding currently allocated for this initiative will flow to government agencies charged with leading the massive infrastructure modernization and economic rebuilding effort.

From highways, byways and bridges, to airports, shipping ports and transit systems, nearly every aspect of the nation’s transportation infrastructure is going to need a facelift – or complete overhaul. Schools, childcare facilities, hospitals and buildings are all slated for rehab. And great efforts are going to be made to technologically mature utility and telecommunications systems to create more stability and reach more people.

That’s not all.

This plan is designed to revitalize the American manufacturing sector, increase research and development (R&D) and “secure U.S. supply chains.” This will require extensive collaboration between the public and private sectors given the influence that government-defined policies have on the strategy and execution of these types of initiatives. Federal, state and local agencies will be leaning on both small businesses and large enterprises to lead modernization programs, and vendors will no longer be seen just as “suppliers” or “contractors.” They will be valued as thought leaders and innovators who are essential to driving progress. Now’s the time to start thinking about what your business’ “resume” might look like when job opportunities (i.e., bid solicitations) start opening up. How do you want agencies to view – and value – you? What experience and resources can you contribute? What successes have you had in the past that could translate well in this situation? What lessons have you learned that could help avert missteps? And what new, creative ideas can you bring to the table that would make the Administration’s ambitious goals achievable?

Of course, you’ll also want to take this time to get your business in order. The last thing you want is to be disqualified because you didn’t have the proper accounting, security or reporting systems in place to meet agencies’ vendor requirements. You’ll also want to have plenty of labor, financial and inventory resources to jump right in on every job you secure… and be able to take on more work as those “perfect opportunities” arise. This blog post outlines some of the other pre-bid actions you should take.

Just be sure to pay attention to evolving labor laws and contractor regulations. For example, the Biden Administration is setting a $15 minimum wage for all federal government contractors and subcontractors, and each state and local jurisdiction will have its own set of policies with which you must comply to be awarded – and retain – contracts. Here are a few resources to tap into if you need help keeping track of the ever-evolving government landscape.

As always, the Periscope Supplier to Government (S2G) team is here to answer any questions you may have. You should also reach out to the contracting officer listed on each solicitation. That info can easily be retrieved via your S2G database or by clicking directly on the bid notice in your daily email roundup.

Kyle Williams

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Kyle Williams

Executive Vice President, Supplier Operations

As Executive Vice President of Supplier Operations, Kyle is responsible for overseeing all supplier facing aspects of the business including customer on-boarding, sales growth, revenue growth, customer retention and innovation within our suite of supplier products and services. Kyle also serves as the executive site leader for the American Fork, UT office, driving transformational change and collaboration to align with Periscope’s core values. Kyle has been with Periscope since 2018 and brings over 12 years of valuable leadership experience in building and growing high performing teams for both inside sales and SaaS based software organizations. Kyle is continually focused on implementing scalable processes that maximize efficiency and has created a culture that models integrity, is team centric, passionate and accountable. Prior to joining Periscope in 2018, Kyle served for 4 years as Sr. Sales Manager for AvidXchange, a hyper growth company providing best of breed AP automation solutions. Prior to that, Kyle served as Sr. Sales Manager at SettlementOne, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of mortgage data for financial institutions and consumers. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and his multi subject teaching credential in Liberal Studies from Notre Dame de Namur University.