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Blog | 06.03.20

How Easy Is It for Government Buyers to Find Your Catalog?

As business owners, sales professionals and marketers, you can appreciate how hard it is to identify potential customers these days. It’s even more difficult to actually reach them… to let them know that you offer the kinds of goods and services they want and need.

(There’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of companies use Periscope S2G every day to find potential leads within the public sector. Trying to scour 100,000+ individual government agency websites one-by-one is just not efficient, even if you technically have the resources to do so.)

Sure, you could digitize your catalog, set up a website and launch an aggressive marketing and/or social media campaign to generate awareness of your brand and offerings. But, even then, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to reach the right people – the ones who actually need or want what you’re selling. There are thousands of companies just like yours trying to reach the same set of potential customers. It’s hard to cut through the clutter on your own. (And often very expensive.)

That’s why online marketplaces have become such effective sales and marketing tools in recent years. The one-stop-shop model enables companies to:

  • Showcase their catalogs in an easily searchable and highly visual manner to a very interested set of potential customers. (Most people don’t browse an online marketplace without the intent to buy something.)
  • Leverage the recognition and trust of the marketplace’s host company/brand to increase their own exposure and credibility.
  • Effectively build a strong sales pipeline – and passively capture new leads – without needing to spend a lot of money.

This is especially true of the Periscope Marketplace.

Companies that want to do business with state and local government agencies can simply upload their catalogs to the Periscope Marketplace to instantly reach hundreds of thousands of buyers actively looking for everything from basic office supplies and produce to specialized medical equipment, complex technologies, janitorial services and construction contractors.

The best part is that government agencies that choose to buy items off the Periscope Marketplace often end up buying direct. They don’t put those needs out for bid. That means the work you have to put into marketing and selling your goods and services is significantly reduced.

Full disclosure: Some public sector agencies only use the Periscope Marketplace to conduct market research or compare items available on the open market against those available on pre-negotiated state, local or co-op contracts. However, that doesn’t make the marketplace any less valuable. It is still exposing buyers to companies they would have otherwise not considered. In some cases, agencies find suppliers that they want to work with and proactively pick up the phone to inquire further about offerings and expertise.

In other words, making your catalog available online in what amounts to a one-stop-shop marketplace for the public sector is going to automatically increase your chances of reaching the right customer audience at the right time – when they’re ready to buy what you’re selling.

If you are trying to increase your public sector sales pipeline, we recommend that you check out (and upload your catalog to) the Periscope Marketplace ASAP. Learn more.