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Blog | 08.23.22

How Often Do You Log In To Find Open Bids?

If you are looking for open government bids, Periscope S2G is your solution to finding relevant opportunities for your business. Registering and setting up your profile to match, search, and be alerted of relevant opportunities is an important step to finding open bids and winning government business. However, refining your keywords and interacting with your list of matching bids on a regular basis is just as important in order to gain the best results.

What You Put In Is What You Get Out

The more time you spend optimizing both positive and negative keywords within your supplier profile and search results, the better the notification service is going to work for you.  Filling out the bare minimum of information and using generic keywords won’t get you the results you’re looking for. It’s important to be specific with the keywords that match your product offering to expect the bid opportunities you want. If you are ever wondering, "why is this bid showing up in my search results when it has nothing to do with my business?", you can simply click on the bid itself to see the exact words in the bid title or description that match their positive keyword profile. This way you can continuously tweak your keyword profile attached to your supplier account.

Being specific with your keywords and always keeping your vendor profile up to date are both essential to achieving success and finding the perfect bids for your company.

Logging In and Searching for Bids Daily

If government contracts are an important part of your business, you should be sure to regularly search for open solicitations that match your business within the regions that you sell. Jonathan Gruenbaum, Account Manager of Databit, logs into the platform to search for bids daily. He has made this part of his routine to see what upcoming opportunities there are for his company. According to Jonathan, when he logs in, he will “search for some of my keywords and see if there are any new opportunities that I haven't seen…put them as my favorites and I go and sort through the list by close date I start working through them.” Favoriting, by pressing the star next to a bid opportunity, is a great way to organize opportunities you are interested in pursuing.

Getting Alerted by Emails

Other suppliers find that getting the daily email notification of matching bids allows them to quickly see what is available to bid, logging in on less frequently. Sean Gallagher, CEO of Aviation Workforce Solutions, states “I get the daily emails…I look forward to seeing what’s out there on a real quick basis.” The daily alerts do allow you to quickly scroll through the open opportunities, but remember that you do still need to login to view the details of the opportunities and, if applicable, download any relevant documents or other information related to that bid.

The Volume of Open Government Bids

Periscope S2G has thousands of open solicitations listed every day. However, using your keywords and other filters, you can help pare-down your results and notifications to be specifically relevant to your business products or services. Even with the right, specific keywords, you may still be surprised at the volume of matching opportunities available. Sean Gallagher describes his astonishment at the volume of bids available to his company: “When I signed up, I found all these other bids that were available, it wasn’t just one or two bids, it was literally hundreds of bids that have something to do with the aviation field that kind of opened my eyes to opportunities that I’ve been missing. Looking at all of them I was thinking to myself...look at all the money I’m leaving on the table.” Now that Gallagher is aware of the “magnitude and breadth of bids”, he feels he is more competitive with the larger companies in his field as he explains, “I didn’t realize the amount of bids that are out there…not for obviously the big players but also the opportunities for small players like myself. This levels the playing field somewhat for me because now I get to see the same bids they get to see.” 

Whether you find your bids by searching online or through the daily alerts, logging in daily to find relevant government business opportunities is a key part of your experience on Periscope S2G.