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Blog | 07.07.22

How Periscope S2G Helped Databit Find & Win Government Opportunities

When Jonathan Gruenbaum first started as an Account Manager, Hardware Sales Division at Databit. His job didn’t have anything to do with government bidding, he says that “it just fell into his lap.” Databit is an IT Solutions company that has traditionally only had private sector customers. He was checking out multiple websites daily to find government bids and had found opportunities and had been successful at winning a decent volume of the bids they were submitting. So, when Jonathan came across Periscope S2G, he first signed up for the free, basic access. After seeing that there were potentially higher business opportunities being found on Periscope S2G, he asked his boss to try the Premium plan to see if the service would pay for itself, and he found that it most certainly did.

Starting Out with a Greater Volume of Opportunities

Jonathan stated, “Periscope [S2G] has many more opportunities listed … there are definitely opportunities listed on Periscope [S2G] that are not on any of the others.” He says he likes using the government bidding platform because it’s user-friendly and has a great interface. According to Jonathan, one of the best advantages of using Periscope S2G over other sites is that he could actually see all the information of the bid opportunities and was not sent from one page to another through various links to try and get the documents or specifications of the bids.

Extremely Professional Help and Training

He also stated he appreciated that his Periscope S2G Supplier Solutions representative Steven Conner was very professional and didn’t constantly contact him to push him into anything. Once Databit signed up for the Premium service, Jonathan said Steve made certain that everything went smoothly and had conducted a virtual tour to show him just exactly how to use the platform and take advantage of all its features. Jonathan stated, “It is an easy-to-use program but [Steve’s] instruction at the beginning and his guidance really allowed me to jump right into it.”

Knowing the Right Government Opportunity

Databit bids on government opportunities throughout the country. Jonathan stated that nothing is off limits in terms of territory. He feels that it’s not wise to discard a bid right off the bat just because it may not seem worth his time, he stated “I'm not going to look at something and say, well, this is not worth my time. Everything can be worth my time. If there's enough profit, I'll bid on anything that's available. Anything that I feel I can offer a price on and be competitive, I'm [going] try to offer. I'm [going to] try to bid on it.”

Jonathan says he spends half his time daily focused on the government sector. He starts off by using the keyword search on Periscope S2G and adds the interesting ones to his favorites list, then he goes and sorts the list by closing date. He says that for some bids he can tell right away what it’s all about, while others he may have to download the documents to read through it and see exactly what the agency or department wants. He says depending on the type of bid it can take him 15 minutes to two days to go through the process, it just depends on the type of research he needs to do for the bid.

ROI for Databit

For Jonathan and Databit, the return on investment by using Periscope S2G has been tremendous. He states they have more than recovered the costs of the service, that one contract has paid for the entire annual service cost and that within the first two months of using Periscope S2G, they had an increase gross profit of approximately $50,000.

“So that's a tremendous return on the investment. The investment is minimal. One contract pays for itself. It's a no brainer, anybody that's interested in, anybody who's interested in targeting, public contracts. This program, it pays for itself in the amount of time that you need to spend looking for the bid opportunities and just in the long game of opportunities that are out there.” Johnathon continued, “If you win one out of every ten that you've bid on, I think that's a great percentage. So, if you find 20 bid opportunities a week and you've bid two, you've had a pretty good week and most government purchases, they're not purchasing for what they need for the next four weeks, [they’re] purchasing what they need for the next six months, for the next year. So, it's going to be a large volume [of items].”

For Databit, the choice to upgrade to the premium plan on Periscope S2G was simple. They have been able to find more bid opportunities and have been successful at winning multiple government contracts within just a month of upgrading. The ease of the site and the various features Periscope S2G offers allows Jonathan and Databit to cut down the time it takes in finding the right government bids and allows him to see the bid documents and specifications and to submit the bid proposal all in one place. The choice to use Periscope S2G was the perfect solution for the company’s government bidding needs.