Procurement Planning for 2020 – Part Three: Accommodating a Diversified Workforce

Austin, TX
Starting Out As A Contractor

By Jean Clark, Periscope Holdings

In the first two planning blogs we discussed how an eProcurement solution could help tackle the unbalanced workforce and also attract new talent.  In our third and final Planning for 2020 blog, we are discussing how the right eProcurement platform can help with the diversification of the workforce. 

America City & County’s Michael Keating is one expert who has said between now and 2020, a key factor to impact public procurement is the diversification of the workforce due to a short-term reduction in force due to retirements and a long-term recruitment initiative to rebuild with a new generation of leaders. Honestly, I don’t believe that it will be difficult for agencies to bridge the gap and accommodate multiple generations in the workplace – if they have an eProcurement platform in place sooner than later. 

The technology is highly configurable and can be adjusted to align with your people and processes as often as needed to provide immediate efficiency gains and long-term ROI. Plus, everyone knows how to shop online, and quite frankly, that is what the current eProcurement experience is designed to emulate. The learning curves that exist with ERP modules, for example, are non-existent when eProcurement portals “go-live” making the transition to a new system seamless. The training required to transition to an eProcurement environment is also highly compatible with multiple generations’ preference for information technology-based learning. Webinars, self-guided e-learning and similar methods will maximize end-users’ eProcurement proficiency and overall buying intelligence with minimal disruption and expense.  

So, as you can see, there are multiple reasons why an eProcurement-based platform is the best approach to mitigating the “risks” of change and creating an environment conducive to more transparent, value-driven and meaningful procurement. Such technologies, if strategically implemented, can give you the flexibility to take incremental actions towards process improvement as workforce and workload demands dictate and new best practices evolve. At the same time, you’ll have the tools needed to consistently extract maximum value from your resources despite staffing limitations and the confines off government buying guidelines.

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