Special Report on State Purchasing

Austin, TX

recent article by Liz Farmer in Governing Magazine highlights a Special Report on State Purchasing. The report summarizes an assessment conducted by Governing Magazine of 39 state procurement operations. One telling conclusion – the top 5 performers have all embarked on eProcurement initiatives over the past decade. 

The survey data and correlation to performance comes as no surprise. The magnitude of opportunity that exists for proper and progressive public procurement is truly only achievable if eProcurement technology is readily available to support operations and a strategic focus. Without technology, it’s back to the days of trying to track down requisitions that an internal customer “swears” was dropped off at the procurement office. Or perhaps, negotiating blindly because the organization lacks any spend visibility. Or, another scenario…customers purchasing products/services as needed and processing invoices for payment and forgoing proper procurement processes consisting of a requisition/purchase order, competition, or a contract order from existing contract.

Each of these activities is an example of life without technology. As Liz Farmer also states in the article “purchasing is in the heart of almost everything government does.” If you’re currently an active procurement professional, policy maker, or C-level management – take the time to learn where your organization ranks in procurement technology performance – as it directly impacts the delivery of critical, cost effective government services for constituents.

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