Start Small, Finish Big: How to Level Up from Local to State and Federal Government Contracts Pt. 2

Austin, TX
Start Small

last week we explored the benefits of expanding your business and shared a few examples of companies that have grown from local to state and even national contractors. This week we are going to look at three things you can do as a business to help expand your reach. 

Broaden Your View, But Don’t Expect To See Everything By Yourself

Since each public-sector agency chooses where to post their RFP/RFQ/RFI/IFB solicitations, it’s not unusual for you to want to spend hours searching multiple sites to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities – or to save money. However, investing in an aggregation service such as BidSync LinksPlus to do this essential but time-intensive work for you will pay off. Literally.  

Make It Easy For Your Sales Team To Close Deals

Spend some time upfront pursuing open contracts or even co-op contracts. They may not net you immediate sales, but in many cases, it will be impossible to make a sale at the state or local level without having the pre-negotiated pricing, quality and delivery terms in place that these types of contracts afford government agencies.

Watch Your Speed And Set Realistic Expectations

If you follow steps one and two, then you can expect things to take off for your business like Spectra Property Management and ProForce can attest. However, you need to ensure that you have the staff/consultant, financial and inventory capacity to fulfill obligations as your government contract volume increases. This extends beyond the search for solicitations.

As a nationwide company, we know we have great products, knowledgeable sales staff, and prices to compete on every [government] level. But we’re nowhere near large enough to dedicate a team of researchers to endlessly scouring bid boards and signing up our company with every municipality across the country.

– Eric Buhlman, eCommerce and Web Marketing Manager, Whitaker Brothers

Remember: Government Bid Notification Services Are Not Just For Startups Or Small Businesses

Whitaker Brothers is considered a large company for its industry, but it didn’t have the staffing bandwidth to identify every applicable government solicitation issued from the hundreds – or thousands – of federal, state, and local agencies every day. That is why they started looking for smarter ways to find and compete in bids on a nationwide basis.

They settled on a third-party bid platform to aid in the search, but quickly learned that not all aggregation services are created equal. The Whitaker team admits that they were overpaying for opportunities they could have be looking up themselves with proper resource allocation with their first subscription service. On top of that, they later learned that the service was not capturing all of the opportunities that matched their search criteria.

It wasn’t until Whitaker found BidSync LinksPlus that they finally gained visibility and access to state and local government opportunities. In fact, several new business opportunities have been brought to Whitaker Brothers via BidSync LinksPlus over the years – many of which they would have otherwise never come across. However, that wasn’t the only benefit of BidSync. They’ve gained access to the spending habits of other commercial and government companies from BidSync tools, which has allowed them to identify new market opportunities and adjust their business strategies as appropriate – an advantage that benefits every business, no matter its growth goals.

Ready to learn more about how BidSync LinksPlus can help your business extend its reach at the state and local levels and gain a competitive edge no matter the circumstances? Start here.

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