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Austin, TX
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This award to replenish two miles of shoreline surrounding Turtle Beach is a testament to the ever growing and constantly improving Periscope Supplier Network.

At its core, the Periscope Supplier Network is designed to unite city, county, and state agencies, non-profit and higher education institutions just like Sarasota County with Suppliers from across the country.

As a Links member, you know you have access to solicitations from hundreds of Periscope Holdings customers for free. You receive your daily bid notifications based on your setting and have lots of great opportunities to bid and grow your business.

What you may not have known is that active Links PLUS subscribers have at their fingertips 90,000 public sector organizations from across the country that are looking to get their opportunities seen by as many people as possible in hopes of creating greater competition. This means that you not only get access to direct Periscope Holdings buyers but buyers from all over the country that we have researched, vetted and carefully selected to be seen by our Links PLUS subscribers. This way you never miss an opportunity to bid on a contract whether it be in your backyard or 10 states away.

Come learn more about how aLinks PLUS subscription can help you grow your business and never miss an opportunity again.  

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